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Volksmarch in Mrs. Lee's Garden

View of the walk registration tent.

We left the start area and walked down the road and into the garden area. The trail was wet here, but due to sandy soil, it wasn't muddy.

Carol and Lenore took a side trip out onto the pier.

Looking back toward the Lake and the trail we'd just walked.

The trail continued beside the creek which was running very fast..

Looking back again toward the Lake and the small waterfall.

This area looked like it had recently been cleared of trees. We wondered if they were planning on planting more daffodils.

The walk route was originally laid out to go over this bridge and into this nice area of daffodils, but because of the rain they asked us to stay out.

Lenore took this picture of the daffodils, Carol and I.

Paul stopped to talk to us as he passed us on the trail. He wanted to show us his new pin.

The pin was advertising John Ferguson for new SW Reginal Director. Paul didn't know who else might be running.

Two ladies in front us make a nice color combination with the yellow flowers.

Tried to get a nice shot of the daffodils clumped around a tree.

Another close up of the flowers.

Liked this poem..

Looking up a hillside.

An old fence row and flowers.

The original log cabin home of Mr. & Mrs. Lee

Another waterfall.

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