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Georgetown YRE

The walk starts out by walking around the courthouse square. This is the Williamson County Courthouse.

Historical Marker tells about a High School that was once here.

The cemetary is outlined by huge boulders.

Carol helping Lenore leap from rock to rock.

Carol soon tired, but Lenore continued to climb on the rocks.

South San Gabriel River. I was looking at the river and not were I was going. Watch out for potholes!

Beautiful cliffs on one side of the river.

Blue Hole Park on the other.

I love waterfalls.

Walking along the river.

The trail double back and we end up walking over the river.

North San Gabriel River.

The new hike/bike trail along the river even has shady spots.

It has nice benches too.

My little mutt, Yahoo.

Down where the cement trail gives way to gravel there were a lot of geese.

We have just crossed the river and are headed back into town.

A shady doorway provided a nice rest stop.

Church on the campus of Southwestern University.

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