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Volksmarch at Fall Creek Vineyard

Carol checking out the flyers for upcoming events.

The walk route left the start and walked out to the edge of Lake Buchanan.

Not all of the fields are under cultivation.

First checkpoint was manned by Helen and Claire.

About half the walk was on gravel road like this.

The cows thought we were pretty interesting.

There were two long horns in this field, but not close together so I could get a picture of them both.

The second checkpoint was manned by Darlene.

View of Lake Buchanan from the 2nd checkpoint.

This friendly little neighborhood puppy was running loose and walking back and forth along the walk route. It loved attention.

Cliffs raising to one side of the road.

This was a very big bull.

Walkers coming toward us on the out and back trail. I didn't stand still long enough, it's blurry.

Coming back by checkpoint one. Pat has replaced Helen.

We can see the winery. We're almost done..

This little guy is Karl.

Nice tree lined entrance to the winery.

Cabinet with lots of carving in the winery gift center.

Pepper Oil Display.

An arrowhead display in the gift shop.

They had flowers blooming in pots on the patio outside the gift shop.

We took the winery tour. This is the room where the red wine is stored in oak casks.

The volksmarching gathered around for the wine tasting. I had three samples, but I like the dessert wine best. I brought home a bottle of sweet red.

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