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Texoma Ambler's 10th Anniversary Event
Denison, TX

Start Table Volunteers

Traveler's Hotel.

Historical Marker on the hotel

Red roses

St. Patrick's Catholic Church, build in 1914.

Nice older home made into a bed and breakfast. This is the Inn of Many Faces.

Cute flower pot in the yard of the inn.

Neighborhood playground.

Clock tower on the old school which is no longer in use.

Three walkers getting refreshments at the checkpoint.

White Peony.

We stopped to use the ladies room at this Bar-B-Que restaurant. The waitress was very friendly, and we went back after the walk to eat lunch here. Excellent Bar-B-Que!

Someone turned this dead tree in their front yard from an eyesore into a piece of art.

Another historical marker for this location. Springs at this location provided water for early settlers.

Another old home

Train mural on this wall in honor of the Katy Railroad.

Walking under the train tracks.

Another set of tracks up ahead.

The finish table volunteers.

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