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Canyon Lake Dam


The walk started at the Canyon Lake Community Recreation Center.

There was a dry creek along side the road we were walking on.

A field of bluebonnets is always a good photo opportunity.

The climb to the top of the dam.

We passed by the entrance to the dam to continue on to an overlook.

The overlook showed a gorge cut by the flood waters last year.

Now we're crossing the top of the Dam. Lenore is pointing out a large sailboat.

Looking down at the road we'd climbed to get to the dam.

A blue heron on the edge of the lake.

Looking down on the spillway that put the water back into the Guadalupe River.

Trees growing in the middle of the river.

Limestone cliffs.

We stopped to talk with Becky. She introduced us to Betty. This is Betty's first volksmarch.


Walkers at Checkpoint #1 waiting for their turn to get water.

The return trip across the top of the dam.

Checkpoint #2 volunteers.

Rose coming down the steps behind us as we started the wooded trail.

We saw large areas of these pretty wild flowers.

We finally made it to the river.

Testing the water to see if it was cold.

Climbing on the rocks at the river's edge.

The home on the other side had a very nice rock wall, but it didn't turn out well in this picture. Looked much better in person.

About a third of the walk was in the woods like this.

The trail along the river was my favorite part of the walk.

After the walk we stopped in Gruene at the Riverside Restaurant for lunch.

View of the Guadalupe River from the restaurant patio.

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