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Houston Buffalo Bayou Volksmarch

Inside the Hickory Hollow Restaurant.

Volunteers manning the registration table.

Pretty Purple flowers were growing along the fence of the parking lot. I think it is Lantana.

The pedestrian bridge over Memorial Drive to the hike/bike trail.

Lenore against the Houston skyline.

Looking down on the 1st checkpoint which is at the base of the bridge.

Nice clock across the street, but it's an hour fast. Maybe it's not working at all.

Can you make out the cemetery across the bayou?

Lenore asked if she could take a picture. So I gave her the camera.

We have crossed Buffalo Bayou and are going back along the other side.

Carol and Lenore stuck to the trail, I took a different trail.

Lenore went down to see what I was doing and I went up and joined Carol.

The paths came back together. Lenore sat down to wait so I started to take her picture. She wanted Carol to be in the picture too.

There was a bicycle event going on. We stopped to watch them. Especially when they came to the part where they got off their bicycles and jumped over fences carrying them!

Carol and Lenore went down the stairs. This was not part of the walk route.

There was a platform in the bayou at the bottom of the stairs.


We noticed this statue from quite aways back, I thought it was a cat. Carol and Lenore insisted it was a dog.

Check point #2 was over the bridge and back on the other side of Buffalo Bayou.

Taking a close up look at the dog. He is made of trash!

Rubber Gator made of recycled tires.

A view of the bayou and skyline.

Gary and his group circleing the bayou ahead of us.

We're back at Memorial Drive. Can't believe there isn't any traffic.

Back to checkpoint #1.

Robert and another walker on the pedestrian bridge above us.

Two volksmarchers on the bridge ahead of us.

Group of volksmarchers enjoying lunch at the walk finish.

Hickory Hollow's unique sign.

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