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Athens Freshwater Fish Hatchery Volksmarch

The walk start/finish location was just outside the gift shop at the Athens Freshwater Fish Hatchery.

After signing in we proceeded to the fish hatchery entrance. We walked by this nice waterfall.

Once inside we stopped to read the display board about aquatic plants.

Next we saw this cement tree and another waterfall (which isn't in the picture).

This was the first of many fish displays..

A large alligator gar and two different kinds of catfish.

This display showed record setting fish that had been caught in Texas.

We left the building and headed out around a pond. The water was clear and had interesing plants.

I stopped to take a picture of another waterfall and Leroy caught up with us.

The wetlands trail was a loop. These walkers were ahead of us on the trail.

The walk also went down the road just outside the wetlands. These ladies are way ahead of us on the trail. Their husbands were on the road ahead of them. They made jokes about my taking pictures of the wild animals (hehe).

The wetlands trail had animal and birds tracks in it. It looks like they went back and put in the pictures of what made the tracks afterwards.

A couple of Texas Redbud trees in bloom at the edge of the Casting Pond.

Robert came up from Kerrville to do this event. He is walking Gary from Georgetown.

David and a couple new walkers..

An out and back section of the walk.

View of Lake Athens.

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