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College Station Volksmarch

Nice fountain in front of the Bush Presidential Library where the walk started.

Charles was walking the route backwards. Lenore was taking a rest early on.

Walking toward Kyle Field.

We've passed Kyle field and are now heading away from it. Lenore has her own set of instructions and she's comparing notes with Carol as to where we were.

A flock of birds kept circling as the walkers distubed them. Lenore got a closer look.

Nice undeveloped area in the center of campus.

Our checkpoint volunteers.

The entrance to Research Park.

Getting a closer look at the creek.

Lenore and Carol looking for another way to cross instead of coming back up to the bridge.

The area surrounding the creek.

Another creek area with an opportunity to use stepping stones.

Pretty resting area. Nice rocks and fall colors.

One of the many lakes (ponds) with the trees reflected in the water.

One last creek crossing.

Volksmarchers who had finished before us rested and eating sausages by the fountain. Notice the burgandy plants... they make up stars around the fountain.

This is the inside of the Bush Presidential Library and Museum, and the lady is the wife of the Museum Director.

We were almost the last ones to finish the event. Finish table volunteers.

Looking at one of the Library displays with childhood pictures of the presidents and first ladies.

One of the volunteers cooking sausages on the grill.

We ate our sausage sandwiches and chips at this sculpture which is around on the side of the building.

This sculpture is in honor of the Berlin Wall coming down. The wall came down doing George Bush's term of office.

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