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WESLACO EVENT 01/12/2002

It was a long 8 hour drive from Waco to Weslaco (we stopped twice for about 45 minutes each time). Lenore entertained herself by putting on makeup and fixing her hair.

I have Bougainvillea as house plants. This huge Bougainvillea bush was beautiful.

Long stretch along the edge of the road.

Anna and Karl catching up to us.

I kept up with them for awhile, then dropped back to walk with Carol and Lenore.

This was a nice section of trail.

This nature trail was a little overgrown, but we enjoyed trying to identify the trees from the list given us.

First time any of us have seen bananas on a tree.

Resting and relaxing waiting for the Good Time Trolly to take us back to the start.

Another angle of the socializing while waiting for the trolly.

WESLACO YRE 01/12/2002

The YRE starts at the Public Library. Lenore has retractable skates on the bottom of her shoes.

The new sidewalks in the subdivision was easy skating.

Lenore on the playground on the walk route.

Neat giraffe and fountain.

Weslaco's Historic City Hall. The picture doesn't do the building justice.