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The walk started at the Boy Scout Hut behind the church.

Due to our recent cold spell, the Azalea were pretty but they weren't at their best. We had lots of other blooming plants though.

This dogwood was in beautiful form.

And these pansies made a pretty display.

This Azalea was pretty behind this fence.

Some early morning walkers already on their way back in.

I think these are called Sweet Williams.

And the always pretty Daffodils.

Lenore and Yahoo on a convenient tree root.

A "castle" style home.

Tulips in full bloom.

There was an arts & crafts show set up in the city park. We had to take a detour through here.

Lenore made a sand bug at one of the booths.

My daughter is a Senior at A&M, so both of these items caught my eye. I decided this birdhouse was a must have item for me. If you like these angels check out this website: Kenny's Angels

They had the horse carriage ride going.

These walkers caught and passed us.

These were pretty pink and white tulips.

This flower was growing in a lot of yards, I have no idea what it is.