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McKinney Roughs
Volksmarch 11/10/2001

Charles standing off to the side while volunteers help a walker get registered.

I have a new digital camera so I wasn't sure if the first picture came out. So I took a second picture and captured more walkers approaching the start table.

After signing in we went to the next table to get our walk map and final instructions.

We caught up with Brooke who is a Tarrant County Walker near the start of the event, so we walked the 10K event with her.

Very nice view of the Colorado River from the Overlook.

This was our first checkpoint on the walk. Carol getting her start card punched.

After the event, we sat and chatted with Lyn and Elaine before heading home.

Another member of the San Antonio Club stopped to chat.

Previous event Pictures

This event was a Volksmarch hosted by The Colorado River Walkers.