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Beverly at the walk start.  

Schnauzer and friend getting ready to walk.

Lenore brought along a friend to walk, her name is Jackie .  They were playing on the rocks while we were signing up.

Getting a drink already.

View of the overflow dam on the Llano river from the bridge above.

A poodle and friends on the bridge in front of us.  

The Llano historic jailhouse.

Jackie and Lenore carried their own water (at least for awhile).

These ladies pushing a stroller passed us early on.

We are just about to checkpoint #1 on the City trail.  We are going to replace Lyn.

Here come our first customers.

The girls got bored waiting for walkers.  They were practicing their cartwheels.


The girls punching Frank's startcard.

Another walker.

Here comes Darlene and Rick.

It was Jackie's turn to punch the cards, she didn't wait for them to get to the checkpoint.

Pat, Ruth, Rose and Clara.

Siba getting her card punched.

Lenore took a turn with the punch.

Our checkpoint volunteers eagerly greet the next two walkers, Gene and Ruth.

This is Hal and Jean just coming in, and Ruth getting a drink of water.

The Kittinger's were our replacements at the checkpoint.  We gathered up our things and continued on the walk route.

The camera didn't do justice to this house.  It was wonderful.

The girls are now beginning to slow down. We were very glad to reach checkpoint #2. Unfortunately, my batteries had run down, so there were no more pictures.

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