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Highland Park Azalea Trail Volksmarch

The walk start.

The walk had to be rerouted due to heavy rains this morning. This was the first waterfall on the creek.

The bridge over the creek.

The hill with steps. We came down this way at the end of the walk.

This was a beautiful Azalea bush with a dogwood behind it, and a nice fence. Lenore wanted to take the picture so I let her, never realizing that because of the height difference, we wouldn't get the Azaleas.

This group were from out of state (I think).

This was a neat apartment building. The camera didn't capture them, but most of the balcony's have huge trees growing on them.

It rained steadily (but not too heavily) while we were walking.

The water is really pouring over the fall.

This is a fountain.

This is a "sinkhole" in the middle of the creek. I assume it is manmade, but don't know it's purpose.

The start of an area with lots of pretty Azaleas.

More Azaleas.

This is a huge waterfall.

Bridge over the waterfall.

These are really neat bears.

Our checkpoint volunteers cheerfully greeted us, in spite of being soaked.

Another one of the bears.

Looking at the worms on the sidewalk.

Lenore didn't want to pose with the turtle.

Bronze statues.

Another Bronze Statue

Multi-color Azalea group

Another great stone bridge. (Build by the CCC back in the 30s???)

The trail here was high enough we could walk along the creek.

Easter Decorations.

End in site. These are the steps I showed you at the first of the pictures.

This is the soda fountain at the Highland Park Pharmacy (just off the Katy Trail). This Pharmacy has been doing business in this location since 1923.

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