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Caddo Lake SP Volksmarch 04/13/2002

The walk started down near the edge of the lake.

There was an abundance of this plant with red flowers.

There was a couple from Tyler on the trail ahead of us.

I just finished climbing these steps. Taking a picture was a good way to stop and catch my breath.

This neat pavillon looks to have been build by the CCC. There are ferns growing out of the cracks between the rocks.

A pretty tree.  

The pine trees in this area are huge.

The dogwood trees were still in bloom.

Re-entering the park after visiting the checkpoint are three ladies from Arlington.

The State Park has a historical marker. This marker explains about the town called Port Caddo which is long gone.

Another pretty tree.

We were on the yellow trail, we turned and didn't go down this way. Near the end of the walk, we came up this way.

Wood ferns are everywhere.

Great trail.

A walk on the pier. Trees are loaded with spanish moss.

These were event workers on the way to the start/finish. Loved their vests.

This is a Bovier "Dog of Flanders". These people weren't walkers, they were just camped here.

The lake is way up. You would have to wade to this picnic table.

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