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Arcadia Trail

Volunteers manning the walk start.

Cake for Anna & Ed's Anniversary.

Anna and Ed Cottrill and family.

Another couple also celebrating their 50th Anniversary.

Looking down at the trail
from the city street.

The trail leads off into the woods.

Our first creek crossing.

View of the trail.

Trail Marker.

Looking down on the creek
from the top of a hill

Walkers on their way back in.

Friendly human arrow
to keep us on the right track

Carpet of flowers.
Clouds left over from last night's storm.

Walkers ahead of us on the trail.

Another creek crossing.

Checkpoint Volunteers

Trail had to be changed.
We were going to cross here.

Nice wooded section.

The finish table.

Anna and Ed showing Elaine
their new walking canes.

Anna and Ed