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Welcome to Voronezh Universities!

Voronezh oblast is situated in the Western part of European Russia. Its territory occupies over 50 thousand square kilometers. Its administrative centre is Voronezh a typical Russian town with 400 years of history and a population of a million. Voronezh is also a capital of the Central Black Earth Region of Russia a social and economic association comprising Voronezh, Belgorod, Kursk, Lipetsk, Orel and Tambov oblasts with a total population of 10 million. In new economic situation of Russia the Region provides a good example of stable growth and successful social and economic reforms.
Voronezh was founded in 1586 as a fortress for protecting southern borders of the Moscow State. Three hundred years ago the great reformer of Russia tzar Peter the First chose this city as a building site of the first Russian Navy. Due to this event Voronezh had changed into an active industrial centre. Peter I invited to Voronezh shipbuilding experts and merchants from England, Denmark, Holland, Germany, Venice. Since then traditions of international collaboration on Voronezh oblast has strengthened and developed, and nowadays they are based on powerful industrial and scientific potential of the region, unique nature conditions, advantageous geographic position.
Voronezh is situated in 500 kilometers south of Moscow and can be reached by the overnight train or an hour flight by plane. It is placed at the intersection of transport routes connecting the East and the West, the Center and the South of the Russian Federation. The city stands on the river Don one of the longest and the most beautiful rivers of Europe. There are wild life preservation parks and numerous historical and archaeological monuments in the city suburbs. In the city image ancient quarters happily harmonize with modern residential areas. The city is full of parks, fountains and flowers.
Voronezh is a major industrial and cultural centre of Russia. Its enterprises produce the mist advanced high technology goods. The leading industries include aviation and spacecraft manufacturing, machine-building, radioelectronics, chemistry, and building materials.
Cultural life of Voronezh is rich and versatile. There are 5 theatres, a Philharmonic society, fine arts and local history museums, exhibition and concert halls, a circus, culture clubs and libraries. Voronezh is a birthplace of many academic and cultural figures of international repute.
Voronezh is a city of universities. Each fifteenth citizen of Voronezh is a student. More than 30 higher education establishments provide training in various specializations and directions. Voronezh academics are well known both in Russia and abroad going out on lecture tours and for joint research. Over 100 scientists are members of Russian and international Academies.
Scientific results in mathematics, electronics and data processing, airspace research and synthetic rubber production, advanced medical equipment design, selection and agrotechnics of cereal and industrial corps have won international recognition. Voronezh universities take part in international scientific and educational programmes UNESCO, European Union. They successfully cooperate with European and American foundations TEMPUS, TACIS, IREX, DAAD, Open Society Institute (Soros Foundation) and have direct agreements on cooperation with universities of Bulgaria, Germany, Spain, China, the USA, France, Czechia, Estonia, ets.

Voronezh is an acknowledged centre of teaching foreign citizens. Over last 40 years about 15 thousand students from 90 countries have received multileveled education in the Voronezh universities. Foreign alumni of Voronezh universities are recognized specialists in various spheres of economics, science, culture, and education.
Foreign students studying in Voronezh live an exciting and active life. They become an integral part of the student community. Thanks to their foreign guests, residents of Voronezh get acquainted with different national cultures and traditions. International festivals, concerts, sports games, crafts exhibitions, and Days of culture of foreign countries are very popular with the city public. Co-education and recreation promote mutual cultural enrichment, bring together people of different nations.
Voronezh obtain an efficient telecommunications network, including satellite communication link, honeycomb telephone link, Internet. There is an express international post service, Internet-cafes and a regular transport communication with Moscow, St. Petersburg, CIS cities.
Voronezh is a beautiful clean and tranquil city. It is a nice place to live, to work and to study. Voronezh citizens are hospitable and friendly people. Informal contacts with them can advance a foreigner in the Russian language much better than any comprehensive textbooks.

Voronezh is a city opened for cultural and business contacts, interesting meetings.