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Welcome to the official website of the Troy Green Top Fuel Racing team.

7/7/03 - The Green Gang headed to Eddyville, Iowa for a fun weekend of racing celebrating the 4th of July.

Troy and the Orange Crate top fuelers ran a pair of match races and Troy won both! The team set new career best 60 foot and 330 foot times.

The team has no more races confirmed for the rest of this year, but check the website for updates on new race information.

  • 6/29/03 - Troy Green Behind the Wheel of the Mastercam Dragster in Pomona

  • Qualifying - The Mastercam team fires the car and Troy does a perfect burnout. Then, stages the car in front of a huge crowd. The light turns green and Troy has a great ride to 900 ft. then clicks it off.

    "The header flames looked a little funny," said Troy. The car still ran 6.35. Not bad for the first time down the track in a new car for the "Oklahoma Kid"

    First Round - Troy was matched up against Jeff Diehl. Troy 6.328 @ 218.28, Diehl 6.016 @ 246.57 mph. Fortunately for Troy, Diehl broke and Troy took his spot in round two against Brendan Murray. Brendon had a .566 reaction / 8.470 @ 113mph and Troy had a .508 reaction / 6.594 @ 189.63 mph.

    Semis - Troy matched up against Jack Harris. Harris had the performance advantage over the Mastercam car and used it to defeat Troy. Harris .539 rt , 6.097et @ 235.23 mph, Troy .519 rt, 6.579et @ 192.76 mph.

    Overall it was a great weekend. Everyone had fun and Troy left with a smile and so did the Mastercam guys. Next stop = Eddyville for 4th of July bash with the Orange Crate.

    (Troy in action at Bowling Green, Kentucky. Photo by Vic Cooke)

  • Eddyville Update

  • May 17th, the team took on the Orange Crate dragster in a match race in Eddyville, Iowa. Troy won 1, and the Orange Crate took one victory. There was a small top end scare where the parachute on Troy's dragster didn't deploy. Troy pulled a "steve kinser" and went through the dirt which resulted in slight damage to the car, overall it was a great weekend of racing.

    "Just got home from Eddyville Iowa where we match raced the Orange Crate last night. We won the first race with a slippery 4.20 @ 188 to Roger smoking the tires very early. Second we traded roles and we smoked the tires right at the hit and Roger smoked them in the middle this time. I peddaled my car and tried to run him down but just ran out of track. We all had a great time and the whole crew at Eddyville are a pleasure to work with. This has to be one of the nicest tracks I have ever been on," said Troy in regards to the event.

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