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Fox is shuting down our sites and we must respond. Please help the cause.

Baby Mulder
This is a page entirely dedicated to our newest little addition (so new, he/she isn't even here yet), Mulder and Scully's love child.

The X-Mas Files
An odd collections of government photographs that prove that Santa Claus really does exist.

Cool X-Stuffs
All kinds of different X's, free speech banners, aliens, animations, and backgrounds for you to use to your heart's content!

Romantic Shots
NoRoMos beware! These are pics of David and Gillian or Mulder and Scully in situations I wouldn't mind seeing them in more often. Tee-hee.

The Kiss
Its happening. Mulder and Scully will kiss on November 28, 1999. Be prepared.

Why did the chicken cross the road?
Various theories as to why the chicken felt he/she/it should cross the so-called road.

The Truth about UFOs
This is a page I threw together after attending a conference and hearing a man speak on this subject and many others. I hope to really get some good sources and information up soon. Until then, feel free to visit and to check out some of the links to pages that have already been completed.

A very small collection of some of my favorite sounds. I hope to get around to putting up more at a later date. Until then, I hope you enjoy these!

None of these are my creations, just different pictures I have borrowed from all over the web.

My Trivia Awards
A small collection of awards for answering X-trivia correctly (from an e-list).

Character Bios
Fox Mulder
A simi-indepth look at our hero.

Dana Scully
A simi-indepth look at our hero's best girl.

John Doggett
The new guy.

The Lone Gun Men
Ok, lets be honest--you love these guys, don't you.

  • And my new page for their new series.

Tough and mean, yet there when you need him.

Errrr! Bleck! Somthing stinks!

Rat Boy...need I say more?

Links and Webrings
Wanna see some other great here to check out my favorites.