What is A Kolache?


A kolache  is a wonderful pastry made by those who are of Czech ancestry.

The following are descriptions of kolache  from books about the Czech Texans:

"The Czech people are famous for their pastries, one of which is the kolache...The fillings--poppyseed, pineapple, apricot, cottage cheese and prune are prepared before baking.  No one uses a recipe. Kolaches are made from a formula handed down from generation to generation in Czech families."

(The Texians and the Texans:  The Texas Czechs, University of Texas, Institute of Texas Cultures at San Antonio, page 31);


"Today, the only Czech word that many Texans know is koláč --the term for the famous circular tart made of double-risen dough whose center is topped or filled with a sweet sauce made of "mák" (poppyseed), cottage cheese, prunes, peaches, or other fruit filling."

(Krásná Amerika: A Study of the Texas Czechs, 1851--1939, by Clinton Machann and James W. Mendl and published by Eakin Press, Austin, Texas; 1983.)

Pronunciation and Meaning:

 In the Czech language, one (of these pastries) is called a Kolač: the little "v" (called a hacek) over the last letter makes it sound like our "ch"--Kolach. 

The plural:   "Kolaches" in English and "Kolaché" in Czech.

According to some sources, the word Kolač is related to a word meaning "pocket," describing the way the fillings are tucked into the middle of a sweet roll.  A Czech dictionary defines Kolač as "the national sweet bread."

Two of the most popular fillings are poppyseed--Mak (pronounced like "mock") to make Makóvey Kolaché and prune--Slive to make Slivkóvy Kolaché.