The Texas Czech Storyteller

Short Stories, Studies, References, Immigrant Family Information and More

A Compilation and collection of information pertaining to the Czech Immigrants in Texas. With emphasis on bringing the history to life through accounts the families of the author, original short stories, old photos, studies, reference lists, and more. Keywords: Texas, Czech, Immigrants, Settlers, Culture, Genealogy, Williamson County, Granger, Lavaca County, Moravia, Nueces County, Robstown, Rektorik, Mrazek, Hrncir, Jalufka, Blahuta, Ermis, and others.

Kdo chce s vlky býti, musí vlky výti!--If you run with the wolves, then you must howl with the wolves! Remember who your people are, keep and tell their stories to keep the fires of the culture alive!

My jsme moravanští lidé. 


Important Notice:  This site is in hiatus.

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