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26/05/04 - I've started the QuickerBasic project, a compiler/interpreter for QuickBasic that will hopefully be more efficient (with near 100% QB 4.5 compatibility). At the moment the plan can be reached here. I encourage you to give me feedback/suggestions on it. Hopefully this won't end up like so many other compiler projects that are now on the floor...

01/03/04 - My webserver is officially up and running. It can be accessed at It'll probably be updated quite often.

30/01/04 - Added sigfind to the programming section.

24/11/03 - Added 2 tracks to music section. Updated "The Open PSF Ripping Guide"

25/10/03 - Added 1 track to music section. Added "The Open PSF Ripping Guide" to programming section.

12/10/03 - Finally, I have updated the design of this site. It's still nothing great, but at least it has more stuff on it. If you are looking for the Qbasic stuff or WSOCKXS click on "Programming". I've added a "music", "about me" and "contact" section. Yep, I am still doing this in pure HTML simply because I lack an editor.