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One Hundred Plus Home Page

Welcome to the One Hundred Plus home page. We are a group of people who have joined e-Diets in order to change our lifestyle and lose weight. Everyone here has at least 100 pounds to lose.

We are a wonderful group of people who share our ups and downs, joys and fears, successes and setbacks. More than anything, we offer each other the support we need to travel down this weight loss road.

The E-diets link will take you to the website where we get our personalized meal plans, tips to lose weight, and much more. There, we also receive the support we need to undertake this long journey.

The helpful websites link is a list of other resources, besides e-Diets that our members find helpful.

You can also see our member pictures, hopefully to be updated with our progress.

Finally, as we have regional meetings, we invite you to share in our visits.

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