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This web page is under construction!!

This website is the helm of Steven(schizo), Morgan(capin), and Milo(milosh). We all hope to make this a wonderful experience for you!SIGN THE GUESTBOOK,POST ON THE FORUM! Have fun!



Sorry for not updating the site for two months, but hey it's summer we have been on vacation. We're going to update as much as we can and maybe get some pics up.



The itsy bitsy spider crawled up the water spout, down came the Goblin and took the Spider out! Top ten's...blah blah...but's monkey-man!!!!!!



Well, I finally saw Spider-Man, see the reviews in the Movies section. I updated my top ten list, too. That's all for now, update tomorrow! Now I gotta get to bed!



Sadly, we have experienced a recent death of.......the gta pics section! Why? Because the stupid pictures didnt turn, in its place is the Comics section! It'll contain pics, reviews and anything else that is comic related. Other than that I updated a bunch of stuff. spiderman comes out tomorrow!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 16 DAYS TILL END OF SCHOOL!