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"Awards Michael has received"


Thanks so much for stopping by my Awards Page.

When I first started this I had no idea I would get so many.

I really appreciate all the ones I have received and the friends
that gave them to me.

This award was given to me by my good friend Sonya3rose which I consider my bestest friend. How can I ever thank you? You have always been there for me. I will cherish your friendship always. I love you like a sister. *BG*
"In Memory Of Todd"

Presented to me for Michael's page. Thank you so much.
"Little Tree Frog"

Presented to me for Michael's page. Thanks so much
"Thanks Sharon"

Thanks so much Rosemarie for this beautiful award.
"In Memory of Andy"

Thanks so much Rosemary for this sweet award. I know Michael is smiling right now looking at it
"In Memory of Louise"

This award was given to me by my dear friend Pam which we know as Msedukator in The Coping Room. Thanks for the many times we shared boxes of kleenex as we both dealt with our losses.
"In Memory of Dana"

This is a grandparents award that was given to us also by Pam (msedukator). Michael is my grandson that at the age of seven accidently drowned and he will be forever loved and missed.
"In Memory of Michael"

This a very unigue award that was presented to my family for the sites that were done as a memorial to my grandson Michael.
Thank you Kathalise.

This was presented to me by Elizabeth for Michael's Page.
Thank you Elizabeth

This award is a very beautiful one that was presented to me by Joann. Thanks so much, I am very proud of it
"In Memory of Vernon"

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This awards page has been created and dedicated to my grandson

Michael Todd Festino

This award is not to be applied for or taken