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Reunion Photos Las Vegas
Reunion Photos Las Vegas
Our first reunion was held in Las Vegas, NV and was a huge success. Even though the turnout was light, everyone who attended seemed to have a great time. Remarkable all the planned events went off without a hitch due in part to a lot of help and planning from Dave Holroyd. Most of the photos posted here are of the reunion itself. I have also included some of just the Las Vegas area. Because of the information I lost when my laptop was stolen I don't have all the names needed for the photos that I have posted. I had several documents stored on the hard drive listing the names of all those attending, and what photos they were in. So, many of the photos will not have a name or names associated with them due to data loss and my fading 6o+ year old memory. It's real embarrassing to me that I can't remember the names because I know who they are but the names just won't come. Please help me out by commenting on the photos and giving me the names of those you recognize. I will add the names as soon as I get them. Thanks for your help and I hope you all enjoy these albums.
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The Jockey Club 
This was where we all met on the first day. Dave Holroyd was a member and arranged for us to have a meeting room there.

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