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Toeth's Game Show Insights
Toeth's Game Show Insights
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A Special Interview with Game Show host Todd Newton!

The_Toeth : First off, Thank you for doing the Interview!

The_Toeth : What is your favorite Game Show?

Todd : The Price Is Right

The_Toeth : One my faves as well.

The_Toeth : Of all the show's you have hosted, which is your favorite? ("Hollywood Showdown", "Whammy: The All new Press Your Luck", "Powerball: Instant Millionaire", or other.)

Todd : I've really enjoyed all of the shows I've hosted. We just started "Instant Millionaire" and we're having a great time with it. Each show is special in it's own way.

The_Toeth : How is your family? I imagine they are very supportive of your Show Biz career.

Todd : The Newton Gang is fantastic. Thanks for asking!

The_Toeth : Has Peter Tomarken given you any tips or pointers for hosting "Whammy"?

Todd : I've never had a long conversation with Peter. We spoke briefly earlier this year and he wished me luck with the show. He was very kind.

The_Toeth : If you could tweek "Whammy", would there be anything you would like to change?

Todd : I love "Whammy!" and wouldn't play with it at all. Why would I? There are people with alot of expereince in this field who get paid alot of money to fix shows that need fixing. I don't think our show is broken. I honestly believe it's one of the best looking shows on the air today.

The_Toeth : Do you have any upcoming projects we should look for?

Todd : Definitely catch "Instant Millionaire" if it airs in your city. It's an amazing show. We have some great stuff coming up at E!, too. The_Toeth : If there was another game show you would like to host what would that be? (Other than TPIR)

Todd : TPIR would be the top of the mountain for me.

The_Toeth : Do you think the '99/'00/ Game Show craze had an impact on today's Game Show line-ups, cable and syndicated?

Todd : I think the craze made a whole new audience aware of all the great game shows that are out there. It brought about a whole new generation of fans and we certainly welcome them!

The_Toeth: Has anything interesting ever happened "Behind the Scenes" on any of your hosted Game shows?

Todd: Our tapings are a real blast! You'll just have to come out to Hollywood and join us!

That's the Interview. Thank you for your time.

Todd: Thanks for the chat.

An e-mail Interview with Mr. Newton was Conducted 10/02/02.
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