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Tim's "Price is Right Live" Review

We are back from Reno. What an amazing time Erika and I had. We attended three sold-out shows for "The Price is Right Live" at Harrahs in Reno, Nevada. The show is currently being hosted by Todd Newton (known to game show fans for his work on Whammy! The all new Press Your Luck and Hollywood Showdown). Todd is a long time fan of "The Price is Right" and his love for the show is very evident throughout the evening.

As I said earlier, we attended three sold-out shows. The enthusiasm of the crowds was outstanding but even more so was the enthusiastic, personable, warm host. Todd's co-host is Daniel Rosen who does an equally fine job getting the crowd excited and shouting prices during the four pricing games and the showcase showdowns.

Each evening the same four pricing games are played. They are (in order) The Race Game, Cliffhangers, Hole in One (or Two) and Plinko. In the middle and the end of the foursome is the showcase showdown. Before each game is played the audience plays a qualifing game to see who gets to "Come on Down!". Those who answer a question correct are put in a pool where four players are selected before EACH pricing game. Also, after each pricing game, five people are selected from those with the most points at the end of each pricing game to receive a prize.

The keypad has a 1, 2, 3, 4 on it and the qualification game goes something like this. They say "Let's go back to 1976. Joan Rivers was headlining Sammy's Showroom and these three items were on "The Price is Right". An Apple Computer, A Satellite Dish or a motorcycle. Which was the most expensive?" then the audience must press one of the numbers corresponding to the item they think was most expensive. Those who were correct go into a pool and four people are selected each game.

During the Showcase Showdowns the two pricing game contestants spin the big wheel with a randomly selected audience member. If they get a $1.00 in one or more spins they win $100. In the bonus spin if they get one of the green bonus sections they win an additional $500 and if they get the $1.00 they win an additional $1,000.

The showcases all involve a car, a trip to a Harrah's resort and an additional prize. However, in order to win the car and the additional prize (usually a stereo or refrigerator) you have to come within $100 of the actual retail price of the showcase without going over. The two contestants bid on the same showcase by first writing their bid on a price tag and then they reveal them. The audience plays along as well by guessing which contestant is closest or by guessing that there is a double overbid. In the three shows we attended nobody won the car (but they came close).

Let me tell you a bit about each game:

Race Game: Contestant gets 45 seconds. Prizes for one night included a video phone, basketball set, portfolio and an air conditioner. Two out of the three nights the contestants got all four correct within 45 seconds. The last night he had none correct in the time allotted.

Cliffhangers: Was played each night for a refrigerator valued at $800. It is played exactly the same as on TV.

Hole in One (or Two): Unlike the TV show it is played for a 4 Day/3 Night Mexican Cruise on Royal Carribbean. Two out of the three nights the contestants won the cruise. The game itself is played exactly the same way.

Plinko: Played the same way but for far less money. The highest amount on the board is $250. If the contestant got $250 they would also win a digital camera.

I was truly impressed by the amazing reproduction of the actual set (minus a door). The set is scaled down a bit to fit the stage at Harrahs Reno but it is stunning nonetheless.

Todd Newton has "The Price is Right" in his blood. You can see it, you can feel it. I met Todd at the Game Show Network "Get Schooled Tour" in Los Angeles back in May and can you believe he came up to us and said hi? He remembered us. I thought that was amazing. Each night Todd, Daniel and the two models would shake the hands of the audience members as they exited the studio. The crowd around Todd is evidence of how the crowd just loves Todd. Almost everyone I saw wanted to take a picture with Todd and praised his hosting abilities. On the final night that we were there, Todd acknowledged Erika and I as "Price is Right" fans. Although I never got into Contestant's Row, his comments were worth their weight in gold to me.

The night was also interwoven with clips from the 32 years of "The Price is Right". The clips alone are worth the price of admission. The respect given to Mr. Bob Barker & Mr. Rod Roddy can not be missed. Daniel Rosen also does his best to find someone in the audience to do their best Rod Roddy. Of course no one comes close.

I truly believe that this show is a must see for "Price is Right" fans and casual viewers. From what I hear, the show has been so successful in Reno that it may tour to other Harrahs locations throughout the country. My final grade: A+. Tim :-)

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Report conducted: 10/21/03

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