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Toeth's Game Show Insights

Contestant Interview with Stephanie Stradley.

A WWTBAM Contestant that brought home $64,000!

IMGS= Toeth's Game Show Insights SS= Stephanie Stradley.

IMGS: First off, congratulations on your appearance!

SS: Thank you, it was an amazing experience.

IMGS: Is it true you had a long wait before your show finally aired?

SS: Yes, we taped the shows on December 17th, but it wasn't aired until May 23rd adn 30th. Originally, they told me they would air in March. At the time, I actually thought that was a long time to wait.

IMGS: Was it really different being there for real, compared to watching at home?

SS: Absolutely. When you are in the HS, with the audience and cameras, and knowing that if you miss one question you are out, it is much different than playing along at home. When you are playing along while sitting on you couch, if you happen to get one wrong, it is just a whoops--not losing money and getting booted from the game.

IMGS: What was your favorite part?

SS: I think the best part of the experience was when I was waiting for them to show who won the FF, and seeing that it was me. The FF consoles are very touchy and hard to use proproerly. I was just so excited to be getting my chance.

IMGS: Did any of the shows effects ; lighting and creepy music interfere with your thinking ability?

SS: No. I didn't notice the lights or music at all. The cameras were a bit unnerving, and knowing that the audience is waiting for you to answer is distracting too.

IMGS: If you could, would there be anything you would change about the overall turnout?

SS: I was as happy with what I did on the first show. For the second show, I wish I would have maintained my focus better. But I feel fortunate to have received the opportunity that I did and 64K isn't bad for a day's work. IMGS: Has winning $64,000 changed your life?

SS: Financially, not really. I quit my lawyer job two years ago to raise my son so I suppose it makes that decision a bit financially easier. I think our next big purchase is to replace our pea gravel driveway--so I guess a big change will be not having pebbles finding their way into the house. The biggest life change for me was learning from the entire experience. After that experience, it has change my point of view a bit about pressure situations and taking chances in life. IMGS: How was meeting Regis? Did he make you nervous?

SS: It was neat. Something to tell the grandchildren. He did not make me nervous at all.

IMGS: Thanks for doing the Interview Stephanie! It was nice meeting you. Have fun with your big win! SS: Thanks for asking. Maybe I will do a little fun with the money along with the boring driveway thing.

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This interview was conducted via e-mail 6/1/02.

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