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Contestant Interview with

"Rebecca 2003" of Millionaire

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  • GSI: Have you ever tried out for any other game shows besides Millionaire? 

  • Rebecca 2003: Yes, Jeopardy in the late 90's.  I missed passing the 50-question test by 3 answers.  It was an extremely difficult test.

  • GSI: Is there another game show you'd like to try out for next once you're eligible again?

  • Rebecca 2003: Wheel of Fortune would be my next move (and probably will be).  I've given thought to trying Jeopardy again, but I doubt if Ken Jennings will ever lose.

  • GSI: What was your best and worse experience on Millionaire? 

  • Rebecca 2003: Best was meeting the lovely and talented Meredith Vieira...she is stunningly beautiful.  Worst was having my strategy for life-line use ruined by a question that I should have asked for clarification of.

  • GSI: Considering the setting, which many find nervewracking, were you able to retain a clear mind once you entered the studio to play the game?

  • Rebecca 2003: I was ok until I had to use my first life-line earlier than I had planned.  That truly shook my confidence.  The set itself is very disorienting to the senses.  First, it's dark.  Second, the clear plexiglass-covered floor is bowl-shaped with mirror shards scattered on the bottom and induces vertigo which is exacerbated by the fact that you are sitting on a tall barstool.  Third, it's cold.  Fourth, you can hear the music buzzing in the back of your head.  Fifth, Meredith is lit up white-hot right across from you and she is staring holes through you.

  • GSI: If you could do it all over again, starting back at $0, with a fresh stack of questions, would you?

  • Rebecca 2003: Absolutely.  I wish that could happen.

  • GSI: Do you have any plans in mind for the $16,000 you won?

  • Rebecca 2003: I work for an airline that's in Chap 11 bankruptcy and management has announced that it will no longer make payments to our pension plans.   That money is invested in an annuity.

  • GSI: Thanks a bunch for doing this interview! I appreciate it.