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Toeth's Game Show Insights
Toeth's Game Show Insights
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Contestant Interview with George Fletcher of The Price is Right


Toeth: Before we begin. Thanks for doing this Interview!

George: No problem, Jason. Thanks for asking!

Toeth: How did it feel being the first in the show, to "Come on down!"?

George: Shocked and amazed! Being a fan of the show for so many years, it was just an incredible rush to actually hear my name called! When I stop and think about it, sometimes I still can't believe it actually happened ...

Toeth: How does the contestant selection process work before the show?

George: Just before you go into the studio, they bring you by the producers in groups of 10 or so, and they ask you a couple of quick questions. I think, like the pages tell you when you're waiting in line, they look for enthusiasm and genuine reactions .... You hear some people go in with canned speeches of what they want to say, and it just sounds so rehearsed. I just went with it, and they happened to pick me that day!

Toeth: Did you get the opportunity to visit with Bob during a commericial break?

George: He does chat with the contestants, as well as the audience, during the breaks ... But I didn't get to chat with him much. Maybe if I'd been down there a little longer I might have! On stage, during the prize descriptions we chatted a bit, and I got to tell him I'd been a fan of the show forever and that it was an honor to be standing on his stage. I was glad I was able to say that.

Toeth: Was this your first time to a "Price is Right" taping?

George: No. I had gone to tapings on two previous trips to L.A., and this time went to four of them. On the fourth day, I got picked!

Toeth: Congratulations on winning the Entertainment center! Have you received your prizes yet? How does that process work?

George: Haven't received the prizes yet, but the paperwork I received from CBS says that most items would arrive within 30 to 60 days of the air date. Hopefully soon!

Toeth: It was painful to see you overbid by well under $300. Let alone a double over bid. How did you take it?

George: [Laughs] Thanks for that, Jason! At that moment it was a little rough knowing I came so close to a Double Showcase win. But it didn't take long to realize that winning or losing really didn't matter ... It was just so amazing to get picked, and then to have had the opportunity to participate in every phase of the show -- especially spinning the Wheel! My memories of that will be around long after that Pontiac Grand Am gets recycled into soup cans!

Toeth: If you could have chose any pricing game, what would it have been?

George: My all-time favorite, Ten Chances. And I'd have been able to play it, too, if Dyonna hadn't outbid me by $1 on that Wine Server Cart! [Laughs] If not Ten Chances, one of the cash games would have been cool. But Pick-A-Pair may be my new favorite ... It treated me pretty well!

Toeth: We are done. Thanks!

George: Thank you!

(This 2nd Interview was completed via e-mail 10/01/02.)

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