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Alex Trebeck

Hosted by Alex Trebeck. Three contestants, including a returning champion, competed. Six categories are announced, each having five answers ostensibly graded by difficulty, from $100 to $500. Having enough incorrect answers often led to negative scores. Thereafter, the contestant providing the last correct question selected next, and the process repeated; some answers made use of audio and/or video clues. Hidden behind one of the answers was a "Daily Double" space, with the contestant selecting that space able to wager up to all his/her current winnings or up to $500 if he/she had less) on the answer. At the end of the "Double Jeopardy!" round, all contestants with at least $1 were eligible to play "Final Jeopardy!"; however, anyone with $0 or a negative score was disqualified from further play. The contestant with the most cash was champion, kept his/her winnings and got to return the next day. Champions competed until they won five shows (at which point they retired undefeated and, starting in 1997, also won a new car) or until they were defeated.

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