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An update from Claudia Jordan

Toeth: It's been over a year since our last interview. How have you been?

Hi there. It's been a tough time. With all these rotating models comming in and out those Price is Right doors every week, the show is certainly lacking that family feel that it had when I first started. And once Rod died.. forget about it! He was kind of like the champion for the underdog there at Price. He wasn't part of the clique with Bob and the rest of the producers.

Toeth: How are the stars and production staff of the show taking the loss of Rod?

Claudia: Matter of fact, he was very much kept out of the loop. That's why the stage hands, grips and the models liked him so much. He told it like it was. And he was funny as hell. And now that I am not working at Price anymore, I can say that I am thoroughly disgusted at that 25 second trubute that Bob did to Rod on the show last week. It was horrible. And after 17 years on a show... he deserves more than that. For Bob's upcoming birthday celebration, we had to stay after work for like 2 hours taping this segment where he has a cake, there are balloons and he even brings his DOG up on stage and on camera! His dog got more camera time than Rod got in the past year!!!! We all miss Rod a ton. He was a great guy.

Toeth: How has work been at The Price is Right? I understand that you are going to be retiring from the show, is this entirely true?

Claudia: Well, as of last saturday, I am no longer with the show. I really liked the job and I think that I was liked by the crew and audience. But there are things going on that made some days unbearable, to the point of me going to my car and crying. That's no condition to work under. I was told that they wanted to rotate me. And trust me nothing gets done there that Bob doesn't initiate or approve of. They want the option of calling me in whenever they felt like it. Like a FILL IN MODEL!!! I dont want to sound like I took my job for granted. Because there were some good days as well. I just really feel strongly about some of the things that were done to Rod. How he was treated, and the lack of loyalty the show extends to some of its family. But all in all... I am glad I got to work on that show.I made some good friends.

Toeth: Do you know if TPiR going to continue to rotate announcers, or are there any top candidates in mind that could possibly become a permanent replacement as announcer?

Claudia: I think at this point Bob wants to be the only recognizable figure on that show. I have heard that for the past 2 years. They are NEVER gonna hire permanent models.. or announcers. And that policy about not allowing announcers on camera.. come on now!!!!! You can't just make up policies as you go along.

Toeth: What do you see in the future for your career in the coming years?

Claudia: My future? well, once I take some time to get over the stress of this past month.. the job thing.. and losing Rod. I am going to do what I have always been doing. I audition.. I try out for other shows.. I will be fine. I am working with Carmen Electra on a show called Livin Large as a co-host. We interview celebrities.. and do stories like Cribs meets lifestyles of the rich and famous. It's a fun job and I GET TO TALK!!!

Toeth: Sounds promising! I wish you luck with the new project. Thanks for taking the time to bring us up to date on what's happening.

Report completed 10/15/03

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