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Toeth's Game Show Insights
Toeth's Game Show Insights
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Interview with Brian Bell from Wheel Of Fortune.

Toeth: First off. Thanks for doing this Interview.

Toeth: How did you qualify for "Wheel"?

Brian: I tried out for the show back in April, they were in Chicago, I went through the normal audition process--written test, practice games.

Toeth: What do you plan to do with your winnings?

Brian: Well, nothing special planned. Maybe upgrade my wardrobe, or my home entertainment system.

Toeth: Is it alot more Stressful being there for real, than watching and playing at home?

Brian: Definitely, until you know the puzzles. The biggest thing that was hurting us was all of the bankrupts. It really slowed the game down. I knew the 1st round puzzle after Lisa hit Lose A Turn, but then I hit Bankrupt. The main thing is to just have fun.

Toeth: What did you enjoy the most about being on the show?

Brian: It was really a dream come true, its still hard to believe that I was there on the stage playing the game. It was just a little dose of "fantasy land". I think it would be really fun to work on a show like that. It was an experience like no other, all of the other contestants were very nice, as well as the staff and crew.

Toeth: Did you get a chance to visit with Pat and Vanna after the show?

Brian: No, just with Pat a bit during the breaks, but they pretty much do their thing and leave.

Toeth: Have you ever done any Game shows prior to "Wheel"?

Brian: No, I haven't, but I hope this isn't my last!

Toeth: Thanks for the Interview, I wish you luck in future Game Show Ventures!

Interview with Brian Bell was Conducted 9/23/02.
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