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Perk Williams

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This page is dedicated to Houston "Perk" Williams. A man born, reared and died in Chriesman, Texas. A man KNOWN in Texas for his singing and fiddle playing abilities.

Perk was born November 19, 1926 on a small farm near Chriesman, Texas. It was there that he attended school.

Perk started playing the fiddle when he was eight years old and entertained for parties, house dances and fund raising affairs. At the age of nine, he entered his first fiddle contest and won first place. At the age of ten, Perk made his first radio broadcast over KTBC in Austin, Texas

At sixteen years of age, Perk and five other boys organized a band of their own and called it the "Texas Glee Boys". This group stayed together for several years, then Perk moved to Brenham, Texas and went to work with a band there. The boys had a daily broadcast over KWHI there in Brenham and stayed organized for a couple of years, but then Perk decided he wanted his own band so he did just that. He organized a band of his own and had a radio show on both KORA in Bryan, Texas and WTAW in College Station, Texas.

In 1948, Perk married Jane Kornegay of Chriesman, Texas and from this marriage a daughter, Deborah Jean was born.

In 1949, he joined Jimmy Heap and The Melody Masters.

L-R: Arley Carter, Jimmy Heap, Bill Glendening, Perk Williams, Horace Barnett, and Cecil "Butterball" Harris

It wasn't until Perk got with Jimmy Heap that he tried his luck at singing. Perk sang on the first Imperial record Jimmy Heap and his band made called "Today, Tonight and Tomorrow". This record sold so well that Perk sang on nearly every record made by Jimmy Heap and his band. Naturally, it was Perk singing on "Release Me", the first big hit by Jimmy Heap and the Melody Masters.

"Release Me" peaked at No. 5 and stayed in the top 10 for fourteen weeks.

Perk also sang on the original recording of "Wild Side of Life" which was on Imperial and recorded by Jimmy Heap and his band.

Jane was killed on October 5, 1955 in an automobile accident in Milano.

Perk left the Jimmy Heap band after 10 years. Prior to leaving the Jimmy Heap band, Perk and Betty Jane Sherwood were married.

From this marriage, four children were born, two daughters; Karen and Kathy and two sons; Terry and David. Perk formed his own band, the "Gold Star Playboys", playing engagements in and around Bryan and College Station. In addition, Perk continued to record his music. Perk suffered a stroke in 1983 and consequently, this caused him to be unable to work. This stroke also had a serious effect on his playing the fiddle.


Paul Schlesinger, 2500 Meadow Lane, Taylor, Tx (512)365-5776
Bill Glendening, Taylor, Tx
Cecil "Butterball" Harris, Taylor, Tx
George Harrison, Austin, Tx
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Bill Dessens, Houston, Tx
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Manuel Franklin, Austin, Tx
Larry Butler, Houston, Tx
Bennie Lenders, Smithville, Tx
PeeWee Kuban, Moravia, Tx
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Roy Woods, Milano, Tx (512)455-2068
Ray Whited, Milano, Tx
Jesse Mitchell, Gause, Tx
Donald "Duck" Shuffield, Rockdale,TX
Bill Foster, Bryan, TX (1968)
Bob Maybry, Austin, TX
Buzz Carter, Duncan, Okla (Lil Bit Country)
Dana Smith, Victoria, TX " " "
Robert Remshel,Gonzales, TX " " "
Gary Swanson, Sequin, TX " " "
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Houston Sessions "Perk" Williams
November 19, 1926 - January 3, 1994

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