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Links to Other
China Button Sites

China Calico Buttons
Jody Behrbaum's website starts with the history of china buttons
and how they were made and then catalogs many of the
326+ patterns of china calico buttons that were manufactured.

Collectible China Buttons
Judye Stewart's site describes and pictures
many of the different types of china button produced
...from bull's-eyes and igloos to stencils and gaiters.

Lindy Miller makes reproductions of calico buttons patterns
especially for historical reenactors,
jewelry makers...and collectors love them, too.

References for China Buttons
Jody Behrbaum has compiled a list of the articles from
Just Buttons and the NBS Journal that deal with all kinds of china buttons.

Byson Buttons
Deborah Hanson and Jane Quimby specialize
in beautiful buttons of all kinds,
and always try to have unique china buttons
available for the china collector.

O'Gosh Buttons
Kathy Hoppe also knows what china collectors are searching for.
When you're looking for a special china button,
do check here to see what is currently available.

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Buttons on this page are from the collection of Judye Stewart.