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Fabulous Calicoes

The beautiful calicoes shown here are from the Lorah/Morgan collection. The extensive collection of Mr. Wilfred Morgan and Lester and Beatrice Lorah was the basis for the identification of patterns for the Guidelines for Collecting China Buttons. The collection was acquired in the 1980's by Millicent Safro and Diana Epstein (see article by Janet White in the December 2002 edition of National Button Bulletin). We owe all of these collectors our gratitude for preserving these examples and for sharing their knowledge with us.

Shown here are extraordinary examples of china calicoes including calicoes on fisheye bodies and also examples of ginghams and unusual spatter patterns:

FB Sample Cards

These sample cards from the Felix Bapterosses Firm of France are also shown courtesy of Millicent Safro. These cards are pictured in the Guidelines on page 125 (Plate 77). Seeing them in color, though, makes all the difference.