This section has pictures of Hole/Courtney, etc., from various US/UK/AUS magazines and periodicals in the order of the year they were published.

ALL pictures scanned by me, except those marked with a *

Flipside September/October 1990

Flipside cover
B/W group picture
B/W Hole live, 1990

NME December 14, 1991

Courtney by a window, with her chocolate stick
Caroline with her chocolate stick
Jill and her chocolate stick
Courtney and Eric with their chocolate sticks

Sassy April 1992

Sassy cover
B/W Kurt smirking
Courtney kissing Kurt on the cheek
Full page, with Kurt and Courtney

IndieCator February 1993

IndieCator cover
Courtney, Patty & Eric, girls w/ ciggys
Courtney in pink
Court, Pat & Eric again
Courtney ruffling Patty's hair
Courtney in pink again, back against a wall

The Face February 1993

The Face cover
B/W Courtney up close, smiling
*Courtney kneeling

NME April 17, 1993

Courtney pic from that NME cover
Courtney wide-eyed and praying
Rare b/w pic of Hole in 1993

Melody Maker February 19, 1994

Courtney pic from that Melody Maker cover
Rare Hole pic from 1994, with Kristen
B/W Courtney sitting on a car seat - DEAD LINK
B/W Courtney "surfing" on a guitar
Surfing again, leaning over
Surfing again, leaning back

Option March/April 1994

*Option cover
Courtney up close, Eric behind her
Rare b/w pic of Hole
Orangey Hole pic, Courtney flipping the bird

I-D April 1994

I-D Courtney cover
Pretty pic of Courtney with a cigarette
B/W Hole pic, Patty piggybacking Courtney
B/W Courtney with a cigarette
B/W Courtney squatting and smiling
B/W Courtney posing
Courtney sitting on a cooler
Full page Courtney collage
Out of focus and up close Courtney

NME April 23, 1994

Courtney up close on that NME cover
Courtney looking down, b/w pic

Star April 26, 1994

Frances, Courtney and Kurt at the '93 VMA's, small pic on cover
Courtney hugging Frances, looking out on Lake Washington
Courtney hugging a friend by the lake
Courtney struggling to keep a hold on Frances
Courtney making a Nirvana shrine while Kat looks on

Who Weekly May 1994

Who Weekly cover
B/W Courtney on a bed, 1992
Rare Hole group pic, with Kristen
Courtney and Kurt singing and playing together
Rare Courtney live in 1993

Best July/August 1994

Best magazine cover
Full page, Courtney alone on a couch
Hole with Kristen
Courtney playing guitar on the stage floor, 1991

Juice December 1994

B/W pic of Courtney on a floor drawing a heart

NME December 10, 1994

Small pic of Courtney on the cover, after Reading '94
B/W rare pic of the Cobain family at the VMA's '93
Rare b/w Hole pic with Kristen
Rare pic of Courtney putting on lipstick in a mirror
B/W pic of Courtney jamming at Reading '94
B/W of Courtney in a white gown on a bed, looking down

Cleo February 1995

Courtney in the white baby doll dress, 1993
Courtney in a black dress and tiara
Rare band pic, Courtney acting like a gypsy
Side view of Courtney live 1991

Circus April 1995

Circus Courtney cover
Courtney live at Madison Square Gardens, 1994
Courtney in 1993, smiling big
Same as above, posing, mid-mag poster

NME April 8, 1995

Small close up pic of Courtney, 1992
Courtney in the white gown and on the bed again

NME April 29, 1995

NME Hole cover
B/W Hole pic, Eric crouched behind Courtney
Color pic of Courtney with a cigarette
B/W pic of Courtney with a cigarette

Kerrang! April 29, 1995

Courtney on a couch alone, Kerrang cover
Rare one of the Cobains at the VMA's '93
Courtney live, rocking just as hard as a man

Raw May 10-23, 1995

Raw magazine cover
Courtney and Amanda at the 1995 Oscars
Rare Hole pic, Courtney curtseying
Courtney with her chin on her hand
Courtney hanging out with Al of Ministry
Courtney playing live with her tongue out
Courtney live, looking like half a million bucks
Hole hanging out on a bed

Rock et Folk June 1995

Cover of Rock et Folk
Courtney b/w, squatting
B/W pic of Courtney lying on the floor, with a cigarette

Calendar August 13, 1995

Courtney backstage at Lolla, reading "How We Die"
Courtney backstage, pouring herself coffee
Courtney backstage with a member of Pavement
Courtney and Melissa backstage, Courtney on floor

Kerrang! August 5, 1995

Courtney "nude" Kerrang cover
Small, weird pic of Courtney playing an acoustic
Eric live, in his "love a nurse" shirt
Hole 1993, the band on a couch, Courtney puckering
Courtney and Melissa onstage at Reading 1994
Courtney and Melissa after Reading '94, both in sunglasses
Eric out with Drew Barrymore
Eric live, reddish tinge
Courtney leaning on Melissa after Reading '94
Second half of above pic, Eric and Patty

Q August 1995

Q magazine Hole cover
Band pic, Courtney smoking

Kerrang! September 9, 1995

Kerrang Courtney live cover
Courtney pulling a VIP number
Courtney onstage at Reading '95 *NEW*

NME November 25, 1995

Melissa alone backstage at Lolla
Courtney putting on makeup backstage
Courtney and a 3-year-old Frances making kissy faces

Celebrity Sleuth March 1996

Courtney live at Lollapalooza 1995
Courtney doing a Shania Twain pose
Courtney live at Madison Square Gardens, 1994

HQ May/June 1996

HQ "What Courtney did with Kurt" cover
Courtney hanging out in the doorway of a tour bus
Rare pic of Courtney, Kurt and Frances at the VMA's 1993
Courtney singing "Violet" at the VMA's 1995
Courtney smearing on lipstick on the set of Basquiat

Playboy September 1996

Overused Courtney pose, 1993
Courtney about to step out of a car
Courtney glaring onstage at Reading 1994
Courtney onstage at Lolla, holding up the back of her dress

Seventeen August 1997

The Look of Love (full page)
Glam Courtney with nice, shiny hair
Courtney live in 1993 with a red guitar
Glam Courtney in a purple dress
Up close, chubby pic of Courtney at the '95 Oscars
Courtney in that big yellow coat

Circus November 1998

Circus cover
Color pic of Hole, from Celebrity Skin shoots
B/W pic of Melissa, Courtney and Eric
B/W pic of the Cobains at the VMA's 1993
B/W pic of Courtney live in 1995

NME January 23, 1999

Courtney and Michael Stipe lying on a couch
Michael giving Courtney a kiss
Courtney feeding Michael something

NME July 3, 1999

Melissa live at Glastonbury 1999