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Chronicle of Time
Time Physics
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Flash Introduction

"Time is nature's way of keeping everything from happening at once."-Anonymous


What is time? How do you define time? If you mean a system that distinguishes intervals at a certain instance, then time is actually what you believe it to be.

(variation of a Morpheus' quote, The Matrix)

Time is a complex subject still investigated through science and other realms of man's imagination. Its themes and concepts are also storylines and plots of our television shows and movies as a social effect. 

Think about this. What would happen if everyone and everything in the world eliminated the idea of time by destroying every evidence of a clock form? Ancient cave men probably did not have a concept of time, so how did time advance for them? The Earth is constantly rotating on a central axis and therefore shows movement through time. What happens when everything stops moving but life still exits, then would time exist?

These and many other questions ignite a chain reaction of curiosity looping around into an infinity ring. I was caught up in this ring. This website is my "journal" of this capture.

"On the upside, humans are so unadvanced when it comes to high-speed travel that the light-speed barrier doesn't even matter. Hell, just achieving one-100th the speed of light would be that greatest breakthrough in the millennium."-Dave Bauer Implosion, 1996