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One Man Bulletin Board

This is where I post random thoughts and tid-bits I have during the day,
also check in to find out "Late Breaking News" concerning my personal life.

3-28-04, 9:06 PM(CST): Most updates finished, I will have some new music samples, a new column, and a new audio journal entry up in a day or two.

3-27-04, 11:07 AM(CST): It's been over 6 months, but I'm back, and ready for a change!

7-19-03, 3:54 PM(CST): One word. "UPDATES"!

6-16-03, 6:58 PM(CST): Just got home about an hour ago. I went and got my labret peircing re-done! Will put up some pics tomorrow.

6-16-03, 8:12 AM(CST): About to go to work in a few I'll try to do a few updates later, I get off at 2:00pm today. see you later.

6-5-03, 8:20 AM(CST): New updates are on there way, it's been a while I know!

2-9-03, 5:03 PM(CST): New updates are up and running! Going to take a break, I will do more after that! See yuh!

12-21-02, 1:50 AM(CST): Just finished creating this page, I
couldn't sleep and got bored. Give me an E-mail and tell me what you think. -AD

12-21-02, 1:54 AM(CST): Same sh*t different minute. Just kidding.
I will be reduing the home page of the site in a few... See yuh then!!! -AD

12-21-02, 2:23 AM(CST): Home page update finished. Gonna try to
get some sleep now, I'll probably be back within the hour ,knowing me! (Grunting)

12-21-02, 11:41 AM(CST): Going X-mas shopping, be back to post in a few...

12-21-02, 4:17 PM(CST): Metallica special coming on the Ovation network in 13min. See you after that!

12-21-02, 8:51 PM(CST): Sleep, Sleep, Uhhhhhhh. Me Go night-night.

12-22-02, 12:53 PM(CST): Hello, I will be doing some small (or major!?) updates in a few...

12-22-02, 10:25 PM(CST): Just now getting a chance to get back to the computer, I'll try to do an update before the day is over. We'll see what happens...

12-23-02, 1:52 AM(CST): Couldn't get to updates today, sorry. Will do 'em in the morning. See yuh!

12-24-02, 7:39 PM(CST): Chating with my new online friend Kelsey right now. I'll do a small update in a few...

12-25-02, 12:33 AM(CST): Just finished the new updates, thinking about doing some more. Hummm, should I???? We'll find out...

1-24-02, 10:00 PM(CST): It has been an entire month since I'ves posted and/or updated. Why, you ask? Well I'll tell you in my new column which should be up soon.