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Ft. Hunter Liggett CA

Ft. Hunter Liggett, CA is 167,000 acres located about

30 miles north of King City.  FHL is a Complex of Ft. Ord.

In 1979-1982 there were approxiamately 1500 Support Troops

Stationed there.  FHL is now a USAR Training Facility.

Below are Pictures of various areas of FHL when I was stationed there.

           Medavac Huey                                    Main Contolment Area of FHL                 View Down Mission Road

Cross Mountain                              Entrance to MP Station                 Mountain Trail from high up

                               Military Police CJ-5's                                    Medavac Huey                                     Main Gate Fort Ord

                                         San Antonio Mission                         Motorpool                                   Mountain Road at FHL


                     54th MP Det. Sign at MP Station                                Back side of the sign

     Main Gate FHL                                Contolment Area at Sunset                          Another Back Road FHL

              FHL MP Station                                                                         In the Boondocks FHL

               The Palisades                                    A Quiet Back Road FHL                 The San Antonio River

San Antonio River from above                54th MP Station FHL                 Patrolling the  Back Roads

        Military Police Van                                                                                                    Military Police Truck


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