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Forever Friends
written by Shanon Hanson

You touched my heart in so many ways,
because of you I smile so proudly today.
Sometimes my days were less than sunny,
you walked beside me and showed me the way.

When I was afraid to venture and try new things,
you gave me the courage to achieve my dreams.
At times my path was lonely and dark,
you were my beacon of light from the start.

You have always taken the time to listen,
hearing the things that I don't always say.
You've made a difference in my life,
because you are an Angel sent my way.

You gave me kindness, respect, and love,
I knew that you were sent here from our God above.
Forever has a beginning and never ends,
you will always truly be my Forever Friend.

This site was created and designed by Shanon Hanson.
The poem is my original work and it is owned by
HTxRose Enterprises - Houston, Texas.
This poem may not be copied or reproduced in any form,
witout my written permission. All Rights Reserved.
Copyright 2003 Shanon Ann Hanson

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