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 Love's Sweet Dance 
written by Shanon Ann Hanson

One day we so unexpectedly met by chance,
and we find ourselves so deeply in love.
We come to the divided fork in life's road and,
look back at traveled paths in our lives.

We know that we have both made mistakes,
learned life's hard lessons along the way.
We find what is most important to each of us,
and it is now staring us right in the face.

We share so much and give with our hearts,
deep in our souls we know we are meant to be,
sharing our love and our hearts together,
as we both have always dreamed it could be.

The way you make me feel is so indescribable,
and you sweetly and tenderly take my breath away.
I stand right here before you in total awe of you,
I feel your love and I know that you're here to stay.

Our days are filled with lots of smiles,
and we have so much fun and laughter too.
Our nights will be heavenly, romantic and sensual,
inspiring poetry is what our passion will do.

Being safe in your arms is where I most long to be,
kissing you so deeply as you make passionate love to me.
We'll dance our own slow dance to the beat of love's song,
and together we'll bask in love's glow all night long.

Ohhhhh Baby...let's make love!!! :)

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A Soulmate makes life...come to life :)

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