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The Lover's Dance
by Shanon Hanson

Passionate bodies entwined,
in an ageless erotic dance.
Seeking pleasure from each other,
seeking wonder and romance.

He touches her with tenderness,
she draws her warm body near.
Desire, need and hunger,
will make their destiny clear.

Their lips meet in soft kisses,
their tongues begin passion's war.
Forgotten now is the outside world,
all left behind the closed door.

She strokes his body so tenderly,
he arches up for her caress.
She bares her moist silken body,
as he admires her breasts.

She burns with fiery desire,
and pulls his hand away.
Wishing to end this exquisite torture,
they get on with passion's play.

She straddles his waiting body,
eases him into her sweet womanly hollow.
She leads him on a rhythmic dance,
and his thrusting hips do nicely follow.

She rides him harder and faster,
to hear his most wonderous sighs.
She shows him all the wonderful delights,
while looking deeply into his eyes.

They bare their souls together,
and gasp as ecstacy unreels.
It tangles them in a lover's knot,
and every answer is revealed.

Mmmmmmmm...sounds heavenly to me! :)

Making love is simply communication
in the most purest form.

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