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Scorpions of The USA Checklists by State

Scorpions of The USA Checklists by State

Below is a list of the scorpions that are known to occur in States that are known to have scorpions. The list is organized by States having the most scorpion species to those with the least. It is not an alphabetical list of states, so just scroll down until you find your state. Then, if you need to identify a scorpion you have found, or that has found you, simply go to the page of that family or genus, and look for your area or county, and match the picture, if included. When all else fails, email me, linked below.

I am trying to make this page as user friendly as possible, so please bear with me! Thanks!

The following lists are assembled from published literature, known--but unpublished--records, and likely or possible occurrences.

(T) = Species type described from this state.

(E) = Endemic, or known only from this state in the USA (except occurrences in Mexico)

(I) = Introduced, established populations

(?) = Species might occur here, but not yet recorded or published (unpublished records known to me may exist).





New Mexico


Oregon, Washington