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References to American Scorpion Fauna Checklist


This list is incomplete. This list is also annotated to indicate the main subjects of each paper. Basically, species described in the articles are listed.

Species transferred from one genus into another are listed thus: Vejovis (Serradiguts) gertschi, in which the species Vejovis gertschi was later transferred into the genus Serradigitus.

The spelling of the genus Vejovis/Vaejovis can be confusing. The accepted spelling is Vaejovis, but some older papers used Vejovis, which was long thought to be correct.

Synonyms are also noted in these formats: (= V. montcazieri = Ps. cazieri), in which the species originally described and listed was later changed to Vaejovis montcazieri and subsequently changed to Pseudouroctonus cazieri; C. zweifeli (= C. exilicauda) in which the species described was subsequently found to be the same as Centruroides exilicauda.

Other notes should be self-explanatory (I hope!).

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