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Welcome to heaven on earth...TEXAS

~Howdy and welcome to my home page...hope you enjoy your visit...Here you'll find Texas facts, jokes, inspirational poems, some of my favorite country songs and my all time favorite 80's music, some great links to visit, and a "how to page", and there is more to come as I update this page...~

If ya wanna see pictures of my family, feel free to take a

My Family

Since September 11, 2001, I have felt that I should show my patriotism by making a Patriotic page...That says "I'm Proud To Be An AMERICAN"...Here I have some pictures and images that I have either received in e~mail or found by ya know...Surfin' the web... So show your patriotism and click on the teardrop....Graphic intense, so let it load, you'll like what you see...

This a poem written by a Veteran of the armed forces, dedicated to the people of our armed forces.It is really awesome, so check it out!

Brave Young Men

PFC Jessica Lynch, Our Heroine

Please keep all the men and women of our armed forces in your prayers.

Veteran's, Who Do They Think They Are...

Man Or Boy

The Pledge of Allegiance to the Texas Flag

"Honor the Texas Flag;
I Pledge Allegiance to thee,
One state under God,
One and Indivisible."

Texas is a country of its own. There is no particular way to describe it because all of it is so different. It's the vast amount of variety that makes Texas what it is. There is something here for everyone. Mountains, plains, forests, coast, desert, canyons, snow, sunshine. It's not only the physical attributes and the people that make Texas what it is. The rich amount of history that has occurred here has had a major impact on making Texas what it is.
If someone were to ask me why I love Texas so much, I wouldn't be able to explain it all. It's a combination of the people, the landscape, the weather, the history...the beauty of the state. Many people would not be able to understand this but fellow Texans can. I guess it's a Texas thing.
In order to help those who are not fortunate enough to be Texans and for Texans like me who like seeing things like this in print, I've listed several of the special things about Texas.

Unique Texas Facts

Texas Declaration of Independence

State Symbols

Historical Sites

These are the six flags that have waved over Texas:

Spain: 1519-1685 & 1690-1821
France: 1685-1690
Mexico: 1821-1836
Republic of Texas: 1836-1846
United States: 1846-1861 & 1865-Present
Confederacy: 1861-1865

Texas etiquette is about as important as anything n the world. Naturally, there are exceptions, but chances are these people weren't born and raised in Texas!

Texas Etiquette

If ya ever get to visit our wonderful state of Texas, here are some things ya might wanna know....

The 10 Commandments

For anyone not born in the Lone Star State, the Texan accent & the cowboy terms can seem a bit strange. To help ya understand us a lil better, here is a guide.

Texas Slang

Jokes...hmmmm..lets see there are some redneck ones, blonde ones, cute ones, and some are just plain funny...Some of these jokes i have recieved from friends and some I have found just by surfing the web..Hopefully Ya'll find them just as funny as I did..

And here they are

The language folks who brought us "Ebonics," have decided to pursue some of the seemingly endless taxpayer pipeline through Washington by designating Texas slang, or "Hickphonics," as a language to be taught in all Texas schools.


My inspirational page has poems and short stories, these have also been either mailed to me or I have come across them on the internet...Hope Ya enjoy them and feel free to mail them to all of the special people ya know.....


Here are some of my all time favorite 80's music, ya know the "big hair" Yea I know this tells my age, but oh well...hope ya enjoy them as much as I have....And the memories....

The Great 80's

Well now that the 80's are I've always been country at heart and here are some of the good ole' country music...

Country Music

Wanna learn how to make a banner for your home page, or animated names using glitter? Then check out my tutorial page...Once ya learn how it is a real blast..:-)


Links, Links, Here are some cool sites to check out....


Looky here...I've won some awards for my site. W0W...If ya would like to take a peek at them, please feel free to do so...

My Awards

Please feel free to e~mail me with ya suggestions or comments....all e~mails are welcome....

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