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Saved By The Bell #20 Surf's Up!

The Palisades beaches are in trouble! To raise money, the town wants to sell some of the beachfront property to private developers. Jessie's in an uproar. This would mean less of the beach would be open to the public. Slater, Zack, and Lisa are also pretty steamed. Fewer beaches mean fewer beautiful bodies in bathing suits to ogle at!

The gang starts a campaign to save the beaches, and things go pretty well. That is, until a pretty blond volunteer named Veronica decides to start her own personal campaign to win Slater's affections. Jessie thought she was mad before, now she's totally ballistic! Could it be she still loves Slater?

Can the gang keep the beaches (and the bodies) public property? Will Jessie ever admit she wants Slater back? Find out when you read Surf's Up!, the hot new novel about the "Saved by the Bell" gang.