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Western Arkansas

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Kates Creek Farm picture gallery.

Dress in formal show wear, owner Bill Scheidt shows Choco's Blue. Picture of Choco's Blue and Bill

Picture of Shiloh's Eve with Blue Ribbon Shiloh's Eve ends show with Blue Ribbon.

Crossroad's Kaylin Roe shows off her stuff for the camera. Picture of Crossroad's Kaylin Roe

Picture of Jo Anne and Travis Jo Anne and Travis watch with a critical eye and conduct a serious discussion about the job.

Trainer James Powell is putting Choco's Blue through the paces. Picture of James Powell & Crossroad's Goodtime Charlie

Picture of Kyle on Buck With Jo Anne and Bill's grandson Kyle on Buck, Kyle will have a safe ride.

New born Supernatural finds safety close to Mama, Choco's Blue. Picture of Supernatural and Mom

Kates Creek Farm Hilton This is the home for Jo Anne and Bill's Rocky Mountain Horses. Additional space currently being added.

Example of the horse stall construction that Jo Anne and Bill have used for their Rocky Mountain Horses. Picture of Horse Stall Construction

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