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Kates Creek Offers

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In 1989, Jo Anne and Bill Scheidt purchased 12 acres in Western Arkansas to build a quiet retreat that they call Kates Creek Farm. They were content with the thought of sitting on their porch, entertaining the grandchildren, have a couple of Quarter Horses, and maybe a few head of cattle, but all of that changed in the summer of 1996.

One day Jo Anne and Bill received an invitation to join a group of neighbors for a trail ride. By day's end they learned a Quarter Horse was not their horse choice for a trail ride.

Later while reading a horse publication, Jo Anne and Bill read an article on Rocky Mountain Horses. After additional research, they planned a trip to Northern Kentucky and Southern Ohio in pursuit of more information and a first hand look.

This region of Kentucky and Ohio is where the Rocky Mountain horse breed originated.

During this trip Jo Anne and Bill met Frieda and Charles Kilburn, breeders of Rocky Mountain Horses for 30 years.

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It was during this visit with the Kilburn's they took a special interest in the breed and Jo Anne and Bill became hooked on the breed and their special Gait.

July 1996, Jo Anne and Bill bought their first Rocky Mountain Horse. Her name? Choco's Blue, a 3-month-old filly! At the 1996 Rocky Mountain International Horse Show, Jo Anne and Bill showed their 6-month-old filly and then took her home to Kates Creek Farm.

Now the Scheidt's have 11 Rocky Mountain Horses in their stable. Posted on this web site are pictures of each Rocky Mountain horse along with their bloodline and bio information.

Questions about their horses or more information about the breed, click HERE to send your email to Kates Creek Farm .
Click on this next button and start your Rocky Mountain horse tour at Kates Creek Farm .

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