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Ramona Mae Update Page

Itís that time again! ! ! !

Hello all you supporters of the annual Ramona Mae Lopez Benefit softball tournament. Yes, itís that time again. The fourth annual Ramona Mae Lopez Benefit Tournament will be held on Saturday October 14th at Kiwanas Field in Hamilton, TX.

Ramona Mae Lopez, the namesake of the tournament, was born with Trisomy 13 a rare chromosome disorder in 1999. The tournament, held annually by the Lopez family, was originally started to get the family a down payment for an accessible van but due to the outrageous cost of the van the parents decided on a Chevrolet Suburban, which more than fits the needs of young Ramonaís Stroller and wheelchair.

Having served its purpose, to raise the money for the familyís van, the tournament continues to raise money that is given yearly to special needs children from the Hamilton and Coryell County area. In the past two years we have given out well over $1,750 to help various children with medical and other costs. Although the tournament is small, compared to others, the efforts and love put into the tournament by the Lopezís and the sponsors are immeasurable. Through donations of everything from the paper towels to the t-shirts we are able to put more money into the fund to help special needs children.

We will once again be selling raffle tickets for various donated items, and giving away door prizes. All donations would be greatly appreciated.

Ramona Mae's Most recent pics

Open Letter from Ramona's Family

As I sit here looking over the list of all the people that helped put on our fundraisers for Ramona Mae I am just flabbergasted. We had people from 10 towns and over 100 businesses and individuals helping to make the fundraisers a huge success. When all was said and done we were able to raise over $3,100 to put towards a down payment for Miss Monaís Van.

The businesses from Hamilton were: Hamilton Herald News, Victory Temple Church, One More Stitch, Cellular One, Healing Touch Massage, Thames Jewelry, Kenís True Value, Three Wishes Salon and More, Fulton Firearms, Kayís on the Square, Chicken Express, City Drug, The Gathering, Going Gourmet, Paperhoo, Bevís Sweet Tooth, Lukerís Studio, Jordanís Pharmacy, Dairy Queen (Dairy Queen's Website)
, Stormís, Levelís, Davidís, Pedersonís C & F Steel, HTW Lumber Company, Bottlinger Grain, Alexander Moulding Mill, Lee Health Care and the HCYAA.

Individuals from Hamilton were Clark Partin, The Seniors Sweeties, Frances Galindo, Mark & Kelli Nolen, Rocky Galindo, Lance Anthony, Leo Banda, Allen Gandy, Johnny Islas, Joey & Tonya Deleon, Jackie & Jimmie Blackburn, Lisa Barbee, Carl Boatwright, Marvin Benhke, Rhonda Martin, Walton Stone, David & Saundra Lengefeld, John & Geneva Galindo, Cindy Burke, Wayne Brumbalow, Donna Jones, Joel Hawkins, Samantha Gutherie, Angela Hopper, all the volunteer umpires and score keepers, and a special thanks to everyone who baked items for the bake sale.

Donating items from Killeen were the following businesses: Goodyís, Outback Steak House, Benniganís, Putt-Putt Golf and Games, TGIFridays, Chilis, Ryanís Family Steak House, Bostonís Pizza, Hollywood Theaters, Fuddruckers, Kathy Williams from the Pampered Chef, and the Texas Creamery.

Businesses giving items from Copperas Cove were Bealls, Creative Classrooms, and Dairy Queen.

Helping from Jonesboro were Ponice Hartman, the Pardo Family and Miles Miears from Grand Daddyís Woodworks.

Donating items from Gatesville were Grapevine Pudding, Kelly H. from the Texas Bikini Team (Texas Bikini Team Website)
, and Suzanne Lightsey.

Lending a hand from Waco were Johnny Strange and Dana McKenzie from Strange Morning Radio on Rock 102.5 the Bear(KBRQ Rock 102.5 the Bearís Website)
(Check Out the Strange Morning Radio Link), Coca-Cola and Minute Maid of Waco.

Giving donations from Whitney were American Ice and Barefoot Athletics (Barfoot Athletics Website)

Donating from Dublin was Dublin Dr. Pepper (Dublin Dr. Pepper's Website). And From Evant was June Ness.

Also donating items were Country Group Cooder Graw and Christian Artists Point of Grace.

Despite less than favorable conditions the softball tournament was a huge success with Rudy Galindoís team, from Gatesville, capturing first place but only after having defeated the Lance Anthony coached Mamas and the Papas in a second Championship game. Placing third in the tourney was Jerryís Kids coached by local doctor Jerry Jenkins. I have to say that the ankle deep water made for some interesting games and the slides were always a crowd pleaser (especially Walton Stoneís).

I didnít mention the family members that helped but you all know that Ramona Mae thanks and appreciates you.

I know that I have forgotten someone and I hope you accept my sincere apology. Please contact me if I forgot you and I will make a correction. Our families would like to thank each and every one of you that help make these fundraisers possible. And we would like to say again how lucky we are to live and be from a place like Hamilton.

God Bless You All

The Family of Ramona Mae Lopez

Ramona Mae's School Pic

This the newest picture of our Little Princess. I call her that because I call her Sister Queenie..

Ramona Mae is pulling herself up

Wow! ! ! I was looking and just realized it had been way too long since I have updated the site.. I want to apologize for that.. Well our family has just celebrated our 4th Christmas with Miss Mona. We all had a great time and of course we had to keep our presents put up because she was all over the place trying to get them.. Miss Mona is doing very well but this is the time of the year that the ear infections come around and they have a tendency to bother her a lot.

I spoke to Mira on the phone last night and she told me that Miss Mona is pulling herself up on everything.. Also that she loves school and gets excited when the bus comes. She has been able to recognize her name and the names of other a whole lot more lately. Also she is learning a lot more signs in school.. When Mira signs the word B-A-T-H Mona knows what time it is. She also loves to go bye-bye now and will sit by the door and whine when someone walks out. She is becoming more and more independent..

I will try to get a copy of an article that ran in our local paper about Miss Mona.. While I am talking about my nieces I would like to mention that Miss Monaís sister Rachel aka QUEENIE was in the Distinguished Youth of America pageant over the Thanksgiving holidays and won the interview part of the pageant. Not bad for a little 8 year old to beat over 140 others for the trophy. This is a great honor within itself but you have to know one of the questions she was asked was ďThat if you could change anything in the world what would be the one thing you would change?Ē And her answer was that ď I would take away my sisterís sickness because it makes me sad to see my sister be sick all the time and in the hospital and that I love my sister very much and I want her to be better.Ē Now I know I am prejudiced because this is my niece but if you can read that and not have a lump in your throat you have to be pretty callused because we are talking about an 8 year old there.. I donít know a lot of 8 year olds that think about that, most of them would have said have more toys or something.

Words can not explain how much fun it is to spend time with my family..

Also I am added a few new links one is to Miraís email address and the other to Rachelís little slice of the internet..

Mira also wanted me to let any parents that have any questions or comments to please email her but too also still sign the guest book..

I know I am her uncle but I think that anyone that meets her will fall in love..

Jesus said, "Let the little children come to me, and do not hinder them, for the kingdom of heaven belongs to such as these."

Matthew Chapter 19 Verse 14

Hello people.. First of all I would like to thank you all for coming to visit the page. As many of you know Ramona Mae was born with Trisomy 13. A rare chromosome disorder. To find out more about Trisomy 13 Syndrome Click here. As many of you know we established this fund to help pay for Miss Mona's Hearing aids, Well through much hard work and determination I am happy to announce that she has gotten them.. But as many of you that has had a sick child know it can be VERY expensive so that is why I am keeping the page up.. Any donations that are given will be used to help defray medical costs..

If you would like to send money to the fund we ask that you send it directly to the bank.. The address to the bank is:

Ramona Mae Lopez Fund
First National Bank
@ Carolyn Pool
P.O. BOX 793
Hamilton, TX 76531
As donations are sent in I will list them on the site.. (please bear with me because the bank is slow in sending me the info)I know that I may not raise all the money needed but at least it will be less that the family has to pay..

Pictures of Ramona and her family


Hurry mom, I'm waiting for my food.

Enjoying a Meal.

What do you think i am doing?

Mira informed me that this is one of Mona's favorite thing to do.. Watch the fish.

Here she is pulling herself up to see the light

Miss Mona laughing at her dad's hair.

Another favorite past time of Miss Mona's Playing her music.

Crawling to get her toy.

Miss Mona and her very proud sister Rachel.

Just chilling out after watching some wrestling.


To See donations to the Ramona Mae Hearing aid fund click here

Pictures of auction items

There are currently no items up for auction.
All auction items are listed on eBay under the name ramonamaefund
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Update on Guest Book

I have heard from some people that wanted to sign the guest book that they have not been able to sign it.. If you would like to comment on the page Please email me from the link at the bottom of the page and I will add your comments on this page.. I will not include your email address on here unless you ask me to.

UPDATED 09-03-06
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